Goodbye CarePortal, Hello CareConnect!

Dear CC3 user,

After many years we are closing the door on CarePortal, the original Provider’s Portal for accessing their Attendance Sheets and Explanations of Payments. As CarePortal is switched off, we will turn on a new portal for Providers to use, CareConnect! 

With CareConnect, Providers will have full access to downloading their Attendance Sheets and Explanations of Payments still. The only real change will be the URL and the look!

Our plan for this change will take place between August 17th-18th, and on August 21st. From the 17th to the 18th, we will be sending you a secondary notification about the name and platform change, as well as any additional guides (as needed). On the 21st, we will officially close CarePortal and forward the URL automatically to the new address. When providers navigate to CarePortal as they are used to, they will automatically be sent to the new CareConnect where introductory content will be available!

CareConnect has been under construction for some time now, and with this transition away from CarePortal to CareConnect, we are happy to debut the future face of MCT Technology’s integrated web platform for providers.

Thank you,
Support Team

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